How You Can Get Through Cancer
and Be a Boss Babe Too
with Kat Brodycz

How You Can Get Through Cancer and Be a Boss Babe Too with Kat Brodycz

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As a teen Kat was a runaway, and lived in multiple group homes.

Since then:

  • ✨ Now living and loving life in Bali with her daughter
  • ✨ Holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition, physics, chemistry
  • ✨ Has overcome the big C C a n c e r
  • ✨ Has had multiple 6 figure entrepreneurial businesses
  • ✨ All of which she shares is due to mindset
  • ✨ She helps YOU create freedom + High Profit income online

Listen in on her journey
Her views on holistic health
Alive Water benefits
How failure doesn’t exist

Interview Transcript

Evi OMs Gurl – 0:00

Okay, so now we’re alive. Okay, so hi. I’ve got Kat here. Yeah, we met in this amazing 90 day, mentorship container. And I was really grateful that you wanted to connect with more people and do interviews. So I’m still getting into a groove. And she has a lot of experience. So I’m really grateful to be learning from you and from your story. So I’m excited that you get to share it here on these platforms. And yeah, I just wanted to start out like I was saying to you, we’ve been connecting kind of back and forth. It really intrigued where you’ve come. Oops in the background, can you hear something weird in the background?

Kat Brodycz – 0:43

I’ll mute mine. And then I’ll just unmute myself every time I go to speak.

Evi – 0:46

Okay. Um, yeah, so it really intrigues me, because, you know, she comes, you come from a background, you know, maybe sort of a normal childhood, but then in your teens having this type of struggle with being in group homes, and you know, being a runaway, and I had a little bit of that into the group home thing, but having had a bit of a runaway thing. But it really intrigues me going from that, you know, and you say, you’ve always had this discipline and hard work and really being good in school, which I don’t have any of that to that degree of acheivement, So that like intrigues me and you how you had all these challenges, but still found this way within yourself, and the mindset to, you know, keep going in school and have this master’s degree. You know, now with your businesses, so just work wise and education wise, how you went from your teens, to where you are now, education wise, and work wise, which is sort of a big question. But yeah.

Kat – 1:43

So if for some reason there’s any feedback, just muted on your sudden the feedbacks are cut off. Oh, thank you. Yeah. So I use stream yard all the time. So that’s why so yeah, so for me, you know, I come from a history of Yeah, I grew up when I was about 10 years old, or eight years old. My mom and my stepdad, my stepdad was super abusive. She looked at me and she’s like, Kathleen, he’s gonna kill you if you stay because like, there were times it was really bad. And I remember going to school and then my mom would go to the school and like, basically make it seem like I was crazy bad kid. And of course, the teachers believed her. It was just 10x times harder, since I got home and was causing a lot of problems. So I ended up being bounced around my family’s house for a while, different members, but you know, as you know, generational trauma, they’re f’d up because the rest of them are f’d up. The other side of my mom’s family one of four sisters all f’d up. My grandma all f’d up. You know, like my grandmother set all their kids Christmas presents from our grandpa on fire in front of them because he had cheated on her, like really loco, you know, crazy woman. And eventually what happened was I ended up with my dad, and my grandfather with me of my dad. My dad was a crack cocaine user, which ended me and DCFS so my mom was always proud of me and my intelligence. She always would brag about oh, look at my daughter how smart she is. She’s getting straight A’s. Oh, my God, you know. So I, the reason why I was an overachiever, academically was not because I wanted to be an overachiever. Academically it was because I kept thinking that if I got good enough grades, my mom would love me enough to take me home. So I became an extreme overachiever, I was a person that just did good to good, because that was the one time my mom was proud of me. So like a good little girl. I sat there, and I focused on my mission. And it actually excelled me super rapidly. But I did it for wanting to get my mom’s love. So completely different reason. I didn’t even do it for that. So I ended up graduating high school at 16. I was in a group home, the group home allowed you to go to school year round, I was one of eight students that got chosen that was in a residential therapeutic Centre is a therapeutic Centre for people that run away a lot or just need to be in the middle of nowhere. And actually, I wrote an article in high school that got that place locked down, because that place was doing all sorts of illegal #### to the people in it. And there’s just so many stories behind that. But I was one of eight students. Because of my intelligence that was chosen to go to school, I was part of an awards programme. And I ended up because of that, graduating in three years instead of four. And I had already started school early because my birthday fell in November, and they tested me and I was shown that I could academically keep up. So I was always the youngest in my class, and then I just skipped ones. So then I was 16, in college instead of 17 in college from skipping, and then instead of 18, because I started early.

Evi – 4:18

Even just a part, it’s like the beginning of a book, right? Like, do you think that you may end up reading your biography one day, or I mean, I know you can podcast and share your story all the time, but I feel like it’s already and I love biographies because I don’t know I always feel like I was telling you a little bit you know, I always feel like a star while their star seed like I don’t always feel comfortable in this Earthly plan, I’m still learning how to just like ground and be here and be present. Be excited. So hearing stories like that, it’s just like, hey, like, you can have struggles and can figure it out somehow and just like be here and just, you know, go for it. And I love that. So okay, so then you kept going, you know, you were an overachiever. You were receiving more of your mom’s love it which really kind of motivates Did you and gave you that drive? And then But then you kept going like you did University and a master’s, which isn’t something you know, you just do lately, like I got through University. I’m like, How did I get through that? My BA I was like, How do I do it? Because I’m just not academic. So it always fascinates me when people can do that path.

Kat – 5:13

Yeah. I actually did my master’s programme later when I went, when I went through cancer, I didn’t do it, you know, back to back. So I went to school year round when I was in college, because if I went to school year round, my student loans would give me extra money for going to school year round. So then I used that money to also live on to support myself through school. So I was like, #### it, I’ll just go to school year round, take summer school, and then I get more money from grants and programmes because I had really high grades so they would always give me extra money. You know, it was cool. I was basically getting paid to go to school. I have a lot of student loans. I’m not paying off yet. I have so many still leftover. And what happened was when I went through my cancer journey, I knew the answer was in the food. I don’t know why I knew this. I remember being in a science class. And and just remember having this breakdown of like, oh, the reason why oxygen works in the body and sodium potassium channels is because you need sodium to move this and not make mixes, organ work. And I am that person. I was a bachelor’s degree in biology, a minor in chemistry and physics. And I was really science. That’s just the way my mind worked. I watched Bill Nye the Science Guy, which is a show when you grow up when I was a kid. And you see, and I was really just science. I was super nerdy, super scientific. So yeah, I did my school year round. And then when I got sick, I just knew that I would find the answers I needed through nutrition, because I was plant based. And everyone kept saying go to the your diet, go to your diet, eat differently differently. So I did an online master’s programme. So I do the health, wellness and nutrition. So I did a master’s programme for that when I was actually during my cancer journey because I wasn’t working. I was just staying and meditating, focusing on my health eating differently. And I chose at that time to do because it’s so easy to do Master’s programmes online. Like it doesn’t require you to go to years of uni anymore. You can actually do a certification master’s programme through so many different ways, like the online world is abundant. And I knew that back then. So I actually did it during my cancer journey. Yeah,

Evi – 7:12

That is amazing. Um, Yeah, that’s one thing that I love with food. And I always find it so fascinating because you know, being Greek, I love some of the Greek stuff. People got these. I don’t know he’s in English. But anyways, it’s like so fascinating to me, because that’s like, part of the Hippocratic oath and doctors a lot of MDS know about, you know, Let food be thy medicine. And it’s such a powerful quote, and we see it all over social media. But it just fascinates me that that’s like taking the Hippocratic Oath, but then food. And not to go on a tangent, but here actually that a doctor, an MD, who is German, and I had an MD who wanted to put me on meds we Canada for thyroid, but my bloodwork came back negative side and hypothyroid, two years ago, and she’s like, wondering, you should definitely go on the site. And she’s like, No, right? This MD here third world country like no, no. Why would you go on thyroid medication, your thyroid is normal. You have some autoimmune markers. But this is diet. This is what I’ve been gluten free before, but I wasn’t for a year. Long story short, I was like, Okay, I was like, I don’t need this medication. It’s like, why would you? So it was just fascinating. I mean, he was German. And so he did grow up a lot more with nutrition. But that’s, that’s a little bit of a tangent. So was that also then with your cancer when you do the raw vegan? Or you were before? Or? Where’s that in the process?

Kat – 8:34

Just on what you just said…By the way, us doctors have no education and health and nutrition. So that’s why and in Canada, it’s Western medicine. Also, too. I wouldn’t even ask this German doctor to examine your endocrine system, because more than likely you have hormone disruptors that are happening because your autoimmune issues.

Evi – 8:50

It’s all normal. Yeah. All your endocrine system, not your not your thyroid, your endocrine system, your endocrine system is ya we looked at my serotonin, we looked at my inflammation, we looked at my

Kat – 9:01

Iridology you have to look through your iridology because your eyes don’t lie. So you have an iridologist go and look at your iridology and they can actually tell from your org from your iridology. Basically, the way that disease stories is you can see it in the eyes. That’s why people when they get old, their eyes become cloudy or change colours. It’s because the iridology doesn’t lie. So having iridologist do iridology I actually have friends here in Bali that can just do it for you. So if you ever want someone to do it, I have people and that’s actually what helped me was I got my iridology done and that person actually hooked me up with herbs, Ayurvedic herbs, and I was struggling to lose like I had thyroid issues and I thought it was my thyroid. It was never my thyroid. It was my endocrine system. There was a lack of communication between all my glands. So I started taking herbs that supported the endocrine system and I literally lost 10 kilos without trying without changing my diet without doing anything, because my endocrine system was lacking and my lymphatic system was lacking because it wasn’t able to push out the changes in my body. So I definitely look into iridology. It’s amazing what they can do. And I thought it was all ########. Until he looked at me. He says you don’t have an appendix. And I go, what’s How do you know this? He goes, because there’s a spot that’s missing. You don’t have an appendix. And he was telling me about all the different things that I had happened to my body throughout my life looking at my eyes. So if you have the right irodologist, they can tell you a lot.

Evi – 10:20

Yeah we did it with my brother, actually, because he had parasites when he was young before he became autistic. And iridologist. I haven’t been since but yeah, it’s amazing. I guess also, because the eyes are connected to the liver. Right. So it’s like, with TCM, I know more than Ayurvedic. I love some Aurvedic. But yeah, I would love to connect about that.

Kat – 10:38

I would actually love to hear about your brother what’s going on with him? Because I have a lot of information that even what some of that stems from, there’s like, so

Evi – 10:45

He is jab injured, like 1,000%.

Kat – 10:48

That’s what I thought. Yeah. And most the time it is. Ya okay. Cool, So what was your next question that you said about

Evi – 10:54

Yeah, in regards to the raw vegan I’m curious about before cancer after, or where that sort of comes into that your story.

Kat – 11:02

So I went plant based accidentally, my, my boyfriend at the time was like, Oh, I don’t want to eat meat for a few weeks. And I was like, Cool. Let’s not do it. So then, I wasn’t really ever eating meat because my stepdad was a farmer and freaked me out. So I was pretty much just about vegetarian since I was like, eight. I always got really freaked out by it, and stuff like that. But when I was in my 20s, my early 20s, my partner, my ex boyfriend, Max was like, I don’t want to eat me. I don’t want to do this for three weeks or two weeks or something. So we did it and I felt so good. I was less inflamed. I felt better. And I was like ####### I’m gonna keep going. I’m gonna do three months and then I just never went back. I never went back to eating plant animal based products, meat or cheese or anything. And then I always noticed to like after you drink milk, you cough, it’s because it’s fun. You people don’t put two to two together, it’s congesting you. So there was just all these signs that were showing that it was damaging my body. So when I went on a road trip, I didn’t mean I was already plant based. I was already like, finding all these plant based options, these plant based substitutes, all this different stuff. And I was like, Why do I want to drink this? I can drink almond milk. Why do I want to eat meat? I can have it from soy or from other some other plant, you know, I never just it wasn’t that available 12 years ago, but for me, I was just like, I knew that eating the rainbow what was best for me. So when I went on a road trip, and this was what really started to launch this for me was I was I was in my car and I didn’t I didn’t want to spend money eating out. So I had a little skillet that I would cook stuff with but most the time there was pain of the butt. He had to buy butane so I actually during my road trips, I actually ended up becoming accidentally raw vegan not realising it. And then when I went to India, and the guys like you beat your cancer doing raw veganis. I was like, oh, that’s fine. I’ve been doing that anyways, because half the time I’m in these other countries, there’s I can eat anything. And I always feel better when I eat raw. So I was really into just eating fruits. And sometimes I would have granola and sometimes I would have other things but for the most part, it came natural. It came natural because I would just like find myself travelling all over the world and like it wasn’t available, like good vegan food. And then it wasn’t available where I had a kitchen. So I would just ended up putting together raw dishes because it was the simplest thing for me.

Evi – 13:04

Yeah. Now is it easy to do it, or you don’t do as much?

Kat – 13:10

There’s there’s raw foods everywhere. I mean, it’s Bali is lifestyle, cafe capital. So there’s so many raw food cafes, there’s actually most people come to Bali to get raw food certified. So I was friend, my friend has this place called seeds of life. His name is Ben Richardson. Super Amazing. And then there’s a URI. So she has restaurant called Sayuri is also in UHD. And they’re the top of the top raw vegan cafe. So people are in Bali come to Bali seeds of life and say URIs. They’re super amazing, say yours is cooked and raw. But then Ben Richardson with seeds of life is super amazing. He’s got an amazing raw vegan cafe, you go into his cafe, he’s got books about iridology immune issues, everything that you could want to know about that really helps you to understand why he’s doing raw foods and why it’s better for you. And he has the top of the top like education training course actually for raw foods. So it’s super, super amazing. So yeah, it was accidental. But what I tell people is like most people try to do RAW don’t try to do RAW right away what you do is you just eat fruit for breakfast. Then you transition your lunch with like a salad or something. And then if you want to do raw kale for a lot of people do rato for and they eat a cooked meal and then on some days, you just cancel that out. And a lot of times I would go back I would either have a smoothie bowl or I would have like more denser vegetables or something. Right and like you just switch it out. But like being raw is not for everybody. Your body may not support you being wrong. Like they say it’s for everybody. But truth be told, like if you have organ issues and like a lot of dampness in your system, or if you’re pregnant and so a lot of people try to do these diets and it’s fine. It’s super healthy, but some people it’s not sustainable for people based on their like Ayurvedic issues or things like that.

Evi – 14:44

Yeah I think if you have a lot of fire maybe a lot of that pitta, and it might be good because it’s cooling. But a nice thing maybe more kapha maybe having butter. I don’t know but yeah, not be and I think where you are too which Ayurveda is all about too. The seasons and where you are right. If you’re in the middle Canada and it’s like minus 40 degrees Celsius, probably don’t want to eat just raw. It’s just not

Kat – 15:08

On a raw foods diet in Chicago super cold. And anytime that I would like heated food, it would slow my body down because it takes more energy to break it down. So actually being raw in cold climates is actually sometimes better if you’re eating enough nuts and seeds. Because what I noticed was when I would eat heavy cooked meals, I would actually get really tired and my energy would drop down. So it’s funny, it’s the opposite but I actually I saw it was it was different. I was actually better raw and hot in a cold climates.

Evi – 15:34

Yeah, yeah. So is that a lot of what brought you to Bali then, your journey and seeing as your way of eating, your way of living? And then now with your business, which you’ve had multiple six figure businesses. Yeah. But coming to Bali. This is when you kind of like centred in just, I don’t know your experience in like, your lifestyle? And then you had some of your lifestyle before. But you’ve talked a lot about how it was sort of more of a rat race, even though you loved doing tattooing. And being on that there was a lot of just like hustle and working super long hours, right? Where it sounds like really Bali and just where you are. It’s like everything sort of come together with this business and your dream life. Like it seems like you’re really just living.

Kat – 16:22

Yeah, it was even before Bali, you know, because when I was in India and stuff like that, for three years, I would travel back every six months to tattoo because I had to exit for my visa. So I would just kind of plan about six months to go back and tattoo anyways. But then what happened was when I got pregnant, I had already been in Bali before. And I came to Bali, because I really wanted to try durian, which is a type of fruit that comes here. And they’re like, yeah, they have the best jury and you need to go to Bali. And I was like, Okay, fine, I’ll go to Bali. And I just knew that I wanted to go to like Borneo, which has still never ended up going but there’s like just the fruit availability because when I came to Bali, I was fruitarian I was a fruit based vegan, so I had only in fruits for two years. So but let me tell you fruits is not only the end also to I think it’s a little bit of an eating disorder. I would not suggest for people to do that not but it’s sweet fruits and non sweet fruits. So anything with seeds, I would only eat things with seeds. So let’s tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, so anything that has seeds is what I chose to eat. So people think like fruitarian means that you’re not eating vegetables, you’re just eating fruit, but that’s not true. You’re just choosing to eat a diet. So if a if a plant can reproduce, if it can reproduce in your body or in the ground, that means that it has bioavailability of different minerals to nurture. So like eating things with seeds means it has the ability to repopulate and to grow meaning it’s going to have higher nutrition. So like if you’re eating something like you know, when people eat animals animal goes into the ground and it rots away and dies. A fruit will go into the ground and it will regrow. You get what I’m saying like that’s the difference is that you want to eat something that has lifeforce. So eating things with seeds. It continues its lifeforce energy. So I actually got into fruitarianism, because that made sense to me as a person, like Yeah, if I eaten if I eat seeds, seeds can regrow. And I found it to be like I was listening to auto EQ, right. And that was just such a more natural diet. But so at this time up into when I got pregnant, I was still going back and tattooing, because I could just make quick money, it was so easy to go tattoo, make 10s of 1000s of dollars, and then go back and travel way easier. But then when I got pregnant, I realised like when five months in, I was gonna do it alone. I was like, There’s no way how am I going to tattoo and have a little baby, I’m not going to I’m not going to breast pump that’s just ####### weird. I’m not going to leave my child without me. That’s just freaking weird. Like, I knew that it would be difficult. So I came back. And when after I had my daughter I was making. There’s like this jewellery line that I make these like see these sacred geometry wooden plugs, which I’m the only person that actually makes these the way that I do where it’s like 100% Organic wood, locally sourced, it’s a super sustainable business from here in Bali, like natural fallen wood, and it’s with sacred geometry. So I was doing it to spread consciousness. And then I also was making you know, like the little gemstone jewellery as well. But the problem is with that is that, that I ended up launching into doing a market business where I was doing events planning here because I hated the way other people ran markets and events. So I started doing that myself. So I launched two businesses. And then I saw myself working from 8am to 8pm. Again, only seeing my daughter at night, I was like what the #### so when this business came into my, into my radar, I saw a way for me to be able to make an income, like literally working just a few hours a day. And what happened was, I started the business in December by jump by March, I left my other two businesses and I was like, I don’t want to, because I’m spending eight hours a day just trying to keep up to make a few 100 If I spent eight hours in my online business, I can make like 10s like thousands of dollars. Why am I working for pennies? And it was just like a no brainer for switching. I was like why am I going to do this anymore? It doesn’t make any sense.

Evi – 19:49

Yeah, yeah. So were you was the business with the water at the same tim? Or had you already experienced the water or?

Kat – 19:55

I had I had the water during my cancer journey but because we can’t make claims.

Evi – 19:58

Wow i see. It was important. Yeah.

Kat – 20:03

Yeah. So I was doing distilled water. And then I got introduced into Kangen. And when I was in India, somebody had it there. And I was using it. I didn’t know that you can grow business with it. But one thing I noticed is that so often this business doesn’t come into your radar until you ask for it. Right? That’s the way it is, is that you hit a point, and you’re asking the universe for an opportunity to make money. And that’s when this business seems to start popping up all around your life. So at that time, I wasn’t looking to work. I had made so much money with doing my other stuff, it was just kind of, yeah, by chance that it got presented to me in a time that I really needed it, when I actually really wanted it as a business. But yeah, I used to drink it while on my cancer journey. And you know, water is life. If you think that if you think that you’re drinking written reverse osmosis water, you’re doing good for your body, it’s acidic. Reverse osmosis water is actually like a pH of two. And it’s good for killing things in your body. But it’s not good for you in terms of restoration, and rebuilding and regrowing and pulling out antioxidants, like it’s causing sometimes even stress in your body. So reverse osmosis water is like totally not good for you. And then people will be like, Oh, well, I’m drinking distilled water. Well, ya it’s dead water, killing it. You’re moving everything, we need water and need the natural minerals in it, there’s natural minerals isn’t about kicking it out. It’s about just having like the right structured water. And because the water that we work with is electrolyzed reduced water, it has a negative charge on it, which means that it’s highly antioxidant, because it actually pulls free radicals on the body. So a lot of people would put a drink on drinking distilled water, I’m drinking reverse osmosis water, but those waters are dead waters, versus like having Kangen Water. Kangen water is actually a really amazing highly antioxidant rich and I’ve posted some stuff on my stories today because I share a machine with someone here because my machines in the US in Arizona and I don’t have access to it. And I’m trying to get it flown in. So if anyone sees this and they’re coming to Bali, come bring me my case, I would be really happy with you. I would love you forever. And I would always give you kangen water for the rest of your life. If you don’t end up joining my business because it’s amazing. But Joe because water you want the there’s no way to try the water without wanting to get the machine next. But it’s really cool because like I went and I leaned down over my water jugs and I go oh my god, it’s like just so filled with all these bubbles of hydrogen because it’s highly hydrated water. So like hydrogen, what what does hydrogen do hydrogen bonds to oxygen, h2o, hydrogen will always have a molecular affinity for oxygen. So what does it do? Like it removes oxidative stress from your body. This is just science. This is like a chemistry and as a person, maybe because most people can’t get to this point because they don’t have that mind. But I’m a biologist with a minor in chemistry and physics. So when I look at this, for me, I was like, Oh my God, this makes so much sense from a chemistry point of view. And it’s like guys, I could like break this #### down to you guys on a whiteboard about like the chemistry behind this because it’s really just a chemical chemistry reaction in your body. And that’s what I learned years ago, when I was looking at raw foods and health and wellness. I’m like, we’re just like a giant petri dish. You know, that’s ours.

Evi – 22:56

hahaah, Yeah, it’s really cool!

Kat – 22:58

I get really excited when I talk about science, because that’s just me.

Evi – 23:00

I can see it over and over. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it in the last couple of years. And even, you know, at a health food store that I worked at, that was my first experience with kangen water at least that I was like conscious of I’m like? What is this and it talks to you and stuff, but it’s still like, every time I hear it, I just get like so excited like a little kid, you know?

Kat – 23:18


Evi – 23:19

It’s just, it’s definitely! I’m travelling actually on Tuesday, and my family doesn’t have a kangen they’re not ready for it. They’re almost ready. I did actually buy the machine over an Anespa. So that’s actually helped my mom and my brother a lot. But um, yeah, I’m like, Oh, I can’t, but actually, I’ve heard that you can travel with it. You actually travelled

Kat – 23:37

Put it in your backpack? Yes, I was saying. Just put it in your backpack, you just put in your backpack and carry as a carry on. And then you just have to make sure

Evi – 23:47

Ya im going to leave it for my husband, but I’ve heard them actually go through customs and they test the water? Yeah. So I was thinking that to take it with me.

Kat – 23:56

Yeah. Oh fill up a litre jug and they’ll test it at the airport Dominican Republic may not know this,

Evi – 24:01


Kat – 24:02

So you might call ahead and ask them because if you have a really nice glass jug, you don’t want to like lose it or have to carry empty jug. But kangen water can go through airport security, they have a special task for it to test to make sure it’s nothing there. And absolutely go through. Yeah, so if people are drinking kangen water, you don’t want to drink that really ###### chemical. Whatever, like airport in airplane water is the worst. Like you can read articles for water on an airplane. Do not drink that it’s so dangerous for you. It’s ridiculous. You can actually bring kangen water on a plane and through airport security and there’s a special task for it.

Evi – 24:32

Yeah, that’s amazing. Okay, well, we’ve been talking for 25 minutes. I don’t want to keep you too much longer. Although I feel like I can talk to you all night. I’m grateful to connect with you here and thank you to everyone that’s been watching. If you want to connect with Kat, she has a lot of different socials, a lot of ways to connect with her. You know, your name is tagged there and linked. So yeah, thank you so much. And I’ll definitely ask you about your iridology just because I think that’d be beautiful to connect with that as well. And hopefully we’ll stay in touch because yeah, I feel like I have a lot to learn from you. So I always love that.

Kat – 25:03

Absolutely. And I’m always interested in always creating co collaborating more and stuff like that. And I do have like, you know how Evi shared I have like my podcast and stuff where I also talk about a lot of different topics. So feel free just to look at my name on pretty much everything between Amazon, Iheart, Spotify, like there’s not a channel that I’m not really on. So YouTube, all that you could probably find me. I talk about a lot of different stuff between mindset empowerment, business, entrepreneurship, and just all in one like, my, my motto is like, you deserve a happy, happy, healthy, wealthy life. And that’s so what I feel like you know, and that’s really what I tried to show people is all the different ways to be happier, healthier, and wealthier.

Evi – 25:41

Which I wanted to talk all about mindset. Of course, we just got off anyways, I think it was sort of in there a little bit as well. We can do it again,

Kat – 25:49

Ya mindset is super important, because mindset is what pulls you through things. The only reason the only way that you fail is if you just choose not to get back up. There’s no such thing as failure. People just quit. You don’t fail, you quit. And I’m sorry if people watch this. I feel like a failure. It’s like no, you just quit it. There’s no such failure does not exist. It’s literally people quit.

Evi – 26:06

I love that. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much, and have a beautiful night.

Kat – 26:12

Yeah, ciao. Thanks so much. Bye.

Evi – 26:14

Thank you. Bye

By Evi OMsGurl

By Evi OMsGurl

Holistic, Sustainable, Abundance

Evi pronounced Ev eee
OMsGurl (keeping things with the origin of her original business name:
OurOM2hands, 2014-2022)
Evi OMsGurl is an authentic brand, where she focuses and promotes:
Holistic, Sustainable, Abundance.
Freedom & Love being the goal and purpose to: Alchemize Whole Wellness
Welcome, we are grateful, thankful, blessed to have you here!

Her own life has included some shadow work that has led her on this path; including witnessing her only younger brother regress into autism (he was age:3), having moved through very dark depression late teens into early 20’s, survivor of multiple skin conditions, reversed ADHD, and recently while in nutrition school healed hypothyroid at the root cause.

She is a graduate of CSNN and a registered holistic nutritionist since 2019. Her love for holistic health and wellness includes these forms of education and certifications: yoga teacher level I (2005), reflexologist (2008), bodywork and massage (2012), rainbow kids yoga (2014), reiki level II (2017-2018).

She first began OurOM2hands in Courtenay BC with a friend, and it has since turned into a sole proprietorship whereby this blog is born. The focus of the blog is centred around the themes connected to OurOM2hands; holistic, sustainable, abundant intentions and actions. Enjoy!

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