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Evi and Nat wearing gold during a Wednesday Wellness Interview
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Good as Gold Wellness Wednesday Interview with Nat

The first Wellness Wednesday Interview I did was with my friend Nat Mailhot. Tune in as we talk about what it means to be good as gold. Gร–Lรen: ๐”น๐”ผฮน๐“ท๐•˜ of Service, Gร–Lรen: ๐”น๐”ผฮน๐“ท๐•˜ a wife, Gร–Lรen: ๐”น๐”ผฮน๐“ท๐•˜ a mother, Gร–Lรen: ๐”น๐”ผฮน๐“ท๐•˜ an expat.

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Evi Spiliotopoulos being interviewed about what she calls "My Dominican Life"
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My Dominican Life Interview

Here I share my experience living in the Dominican Republic. What challenges we have faced. What feels like a dream come true, living here. Some funny and fun moments. Also tips about moving here. We also share the view from the top of our new home here.

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Momboss Noelle Foster
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Momboss Noelle Foster Interview

My momboss interview is with Noelle Foster. We chat alive structured water, aka electrolyzed reduced water. We also chat about medical freedom, her parenting including being a single parent; which propelled her into becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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A sun setting across a lake trimmed by trees as a crescent moon sits high in the sky sending happy new moon vibes to everyone who views it.
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New Moon Vibes

New moon vibes blog post is intended to inspire some focus to ignite order in this next moon cycle to strengthen the best you. If itโ€™s NOT aligning YOU with Health, Wealth, Joy & Flow: Let it GO!!! Designed as a sort of simple mindset affirmation.

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Kyle Nickell CBD Testimonial

This interview is with my friend Kyle, we work on the same team with an amazing company called Touchstone, which also has organic CBD. Kyle's life has been adapted to new heights holistically because of the benefits of CBD. He shares his personal story.

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